Back in the Pacific Northwest. (For now)

I recently returned to the rainy state.  Well one of them.  OREGON. I am a sunshine addict and moving back to the PNW wasn't like my dream or anything, but for some reason this place calls to me.  I am writing this blog as I sit on the end of a futon. (Super sexy) ha ha. :) 

My genrous cousin has let me crash at her place a few nights.  I will be back at a hostile in a day or two.  I'm feeling hopeful and happy.  Having nothing to loose is a pretty good place to be. *For now. 

Australia was awesome.  I guess some peolple might be wondering why I came back after only 2.5 months. 

I came back because of many reasons.

To be honest, poor planning on my part.  I went to Oz in a rush and sold all I had just to get there.  (*I don't regret anything!)
Moving by yourself to a new country with only $800 dollars in your pocket isn't exactly wise, but man it was an adventure!

I got everything I wanted to get out of my adventure.  I wanted some clarity for my life.  I'm one of those people who has trouble deciding what I want and am pulled in many directions at once.  Being half way arouund the world made it a lot easier to realize what I want.

I kind of love being in a place where things aren't super convienient.  It forces me to think differently about life and what I'm doing.  I love being on the ground literally.  I don't have a car anymore, or a bike.  So I'm walking, with my feet.  I do take the Max's and what not, but find that I can relate to people more on my feet.  I can't just rush in and rush out. 

I'm currently working hard applying for jobs and deciding if getting my B.A. is what is the next best thing for me to do.

Really tuning into my spirit to see if I can read what direction my heart/God is telling me to go.



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